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Master's Thesis

Wavelets in real time digital audio processing: Analysis and sample implementations.

The thesis evaulates the use of the wavelet transform for audio processing. After introductory chapters concerning the basics of digital audio and the Fourier Transform, the theory of the Wavelet transform is explained. Different wavelet families are compared and evaluated in respect to their fitness for audio processing. An implementation in C++ of the Wavelet Transform and an audio framework of C++ classes is implemented for real time processing of audio data. A test program for Windows serves to apply the Wavelet Transform in real time. Finally, different processing algorithms in the wavelet domain like denoising and equalizing are presented.
Download the wavelet test program: (128KB for Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP)


Real-time Music Synthesis in Java using the Metronome Garbage Collector.

Joshua Auerbach, David F. Bacon, Florian Bömers, and Perry Cheng.
An experimental analysis of the real-time capabilities of IBM's realtime Java VM technology (Metronome) with a custom-built all-Java MIDI music synthesizer. We achieved 5.7ms worst-case keyboard-to-speaker latencies, comparable to a Kurzweil K2000R synthesizer. The system is studied extensively and a comparison is made with the performance on other types of garbage collectors.
Project Homepage at IBM Research.

Wavelets in real-time digital audio processing: a software for understanding wavelets in applied computer science.

The paper is authored by Claudia Schremmer, Thomas Haenselmann and me. It describes the program developed for my master's thesis and was presented at the WOSPA 2000 Workshop on Signal Processing Applications.


ICMC 2007 Copenhagen, Denmark

(International Computer Music Conference)
Real-time Music Synthesis in Java with the Metronome Garbage Collector.
Together with David Bacon of IBM Research, we presented the Harmonicon system (see paper above).

University of Salzburg, Austria

Hear the Garbage Collector.
Presented the intermediate state of Harmonicon and Metronome research at the University of Salzburg.

JavaOne 2004

One birds-of-a-feather session: The Java Sound internet Phone. The developed application and the slides are published at

JavaOne 2003

Two birds-of-a-feather sessions:

JavaOne 2002

Ripping and Encoding to mp3 with the Java Sound API: A birds-of-a-feather session with Matthias Pfisterer. The developed program and the slides of the session are published at

JavaOne 2001

Applet Programming with the JavaTM Sound API: A technical session with Matthias Pfisterer. The developed program and the slides of the session are published at

JavaOne 2000

Java Sound API Programming Techniques: Birds of a Feather session held with Matthias Pfisterer.
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